Disaster Management Page 1Disaster Management Page 2Engineering solutions: Removal and recovery. Here in the Gulf South, we enjoy an exceptional quality of life that is always threatened by exceptional events. You plan for hurricanes and other natural disasters, preparing your community to respond and recover. You work with FEMA. We can help. With our disaster management services, your efforts can be more effective.

In the wake of disaster, debris removal is the first step toward recovery. Our plans, protocols and resources are in place and ready to go well before they are needed. We take charge of the processes of identifying, collecting, removing and disposing of the trees, trash and personal property that litter your community after a storm.

We’ve worked through crisis situations (including Hurricane Katrina) and have helped local governments maximize FEMA reimbursements and manage recovery funds totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. We make sure those dollars make a difference, clearing the way for you to bring people home . . . and bring your community back to life.

Disaster Management Disciplines

  • Preposition Contract Development
  • Pre Storm Debris Removal Plan
  • Pre Storm Document Plan
  • Evaluation of Critical Infrastructure
  • Implementation of Debris Plan
  • Post Storm Assessments
  • FEMA Guideline Experts
  • Public Assistance management
  • Recovery Managers